3: Abbey’s Road

I finally got to take Abbey out. 

I was at the helm so I could get the feel for her sans people, cars, kids, pets and neighborhood distractions. Up and down the farm roads we went. At one point we even laughed and said, “What if the gas gauge is wrong?” (It showed a full tank) Hahahahahaha….. then um, yeah, she sputtered and quit. TD thought I was going too slow in 4th gear and urged me to go faster. FYI:  30mph in a 1949 3/4 ton truck is fine.  

Quick Mention: 1st gear is very low. It's called things like "Granny Gear" or my favorite, "Stump Puller." You can actually start the engine in 2nd gear. No kidding. So I would probably not be too far off by saying I could bury the speedometer needle at top speed around 40mph. I have not tried this...

So after I started her up again ...and she conked out again, TD took the helm. 

On our drive....er walk...home. 
Dandelion Wine anyone? 
The truck quit for him too. First we thought it actually was the faulty gas gauge and we were out of gas, so parked it off to the side of the farm road and started to walk home. We didn't get far, our wonderful neighbor came to the rescue with a can of gas and a lift back. The bad news was that after adding the gas, the truck would start and drive a short distance and conk out again. TD began muttering things about clogs or crud in the tank.

God Bless our fun neighbor who just chatted away. He heard the story of how we got Abbey, and how I had been drawn to her natural good looks.

He slowly drove his new Chevy truck beside ours all the way back and when Abbey would quit he’d just sit there and chew the fat with us – our cars side by side in the road.

When we finally got to our own street he pulled up beside us once again and said, 

“Okay you two, I know you’ll get home now… and (to me) "You’re right, she sure looks good!” I heard him cackling all the way up the street.

Everyone's a comedian.

Smile for the camera hon! 
We had to pull over once more on our street and were were making it home in increments at this point. 

Once again Abbey quit halfway into the driveway so we just sat there until she wanted to start again. TD's mutterings about fuel pumps, and a host of other things escalated. So what do I do? Get out and take his photo of course.   

We bought our neighbor a refill on his gas can and a "thank you" case of beer.

He appreciated both 
…but said to keep his number on speed dial.

TD said, "And so it begins..." 

Stay tuned. 

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