4: Charge!

After our adventure on the back roads where I got the feel for Abbey, and she of course decided we’d had enough fun and quit… my auto-minded husband decided to review things at her undercarriage area.

Today he announced he wasn’t happy with her wiring and said he sees a potential complete wiring job in Abbey's future. Yay. He went on to discuss the various hoses for brake lines and put them on the parts list of things to replace.

“And,” he laughed, “have you seen the battery box?”

I had to admit that no...indeed I had not lifted the floor mat to open the little door on the passenger side floor and look. This (by the way) freaked me out the first time I realized where it was located.

“Well,” he said, “come out and look!" So I dutifully went to the garage and peered into the floor recess while he held the light.

Sure enough, there was of course the garage floor (the battery had been removed) but even I had to admit we could’ve left the battery in the middle of the farm road the other day as the battery box* was rusted completely through. *Battery box not to be confused with the truck's frame

This photo is not a flattering one for Abbey
FYI: The battery is not only located under the passenger floor mat, (albeit behind a little door) but is only held on to the vehicle by a metal strap/box type thing. The battery actually rests on the this which is in turn bolted to the vehicle.

In theory, one could be riding along, reach down and open that door and watch the road pass under their feet…should they want to.

On the true positive note, everything else about her is rock solid and rust free except for the normal surface stuff under the mat.

Bless her little steel heart.

Interestingly enough the truck came with a box of miscellaneous parts:

(1) A brand new wiring harness and (2) New battery box.

Coincidence? I think not.

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