9: Clutch Head Screws


These are clutch head screws.
1949 Chevy truck
Odd.... Just odd I tell you. 

They come factory installed on the '49 Chevy truck and are located in fun little areas where you least expect them. These little gems hold the seat on. 

You have to remove them so you can take the seats out.  

Why do you remove the seats? 
So you can get to the gas tank located directly behind them.  

Why do you need to get to the gas tank? 
So you can remove it.

It is a game of stacked dominoes.

You will need special tool bits to get the little suckers off the vehicle. 

Then you can play your game of move-this-thing-to-get-to-what-you-need-to-work-on. Did we have some? No, we had one, and not the right size so bought some.
'49 Chevy truck
More tools. Whee. 
On a totally unrelated note, TD found two (count 'em) TWO perfectly intact actual glass parking light covers in the bottom of the box of miscellaneous objects that came with the truck. (They cover the parking light bulbs on the front of the car...it's not rocket science people) 


I got to cross off something from the Excel spreadsheet I started entitled:

"1949 Chevy Truck Parts We Must Purchase" 

Oh yes, we have an Excel spreadsheet. Keeping that up to date with parts we want to order and doing comparison shopping from numerous locations from which to buy them is my contribution to this "team" effort. 

Pray for me. 

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