10: Intermission

Owning Abbey, the fabulous 1949 Chevy truck for such a short time makes me wonder… Why am I now interested in these TV shows?

These guys are fun to watch.
They pull over complete strangers on the road and ask to buy their cars so they can fix and flip them for profit.
P.S. I have no clue why that guy wears horns on his head. 

Informative. He's very corny, but very informative.
Like learning things from a crazy uncle. 


Obnoxiously fun. Emphasis on obnoxious...but fun.
(but obnoxious)


This show makes me cry. It makes grown men cry.
It. Is. Awesome.  I always have the tissue box handy.
They do amazing work, and even if you're not "in" to cars you'd like the show.


Snobby enjoyment.
It's Connecticut. Of course it's snobby. 

…don’t judge me.

Oh I still catch I Love Lucy and HGTV shows, but I seriously look forward to (and now actually pay attention to) the car shows. 

Go figure.
Stay tuned... (no pun  intended)

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