2: Is it ON?

So I'm helping TD in the garage. Hubby has his head under under the hood to watch and listen to things while I sit in the cab and start her up. Woo Hoo! Starting the engine involves mashing the fun little starter pedal on the floor (that would be the small one located off to the very far right). 

Hmmm, this is new...she cranks over but won't catch. Odd. Very odd.

Rrrr rrrr rrrr …nothing.

Rrrr rrrr rrrr …nothing.

Oh...heh, heh

This went on for some time.

After much muttering and several very long minutes of examining things here and there he pops his head around the side of the hood so he can see me and says,

“You do have the ignition key turned to the ON position right?”

(Well honestly, who in the world knew the starter thingy would still make noise without turning the IGNITION key on?!)

Currently we --and I use the term "we" like the Royal We-- are reviewing the brakes and brake lines. He is not pleased and said that this is something to review further before taking her out for a ride on the back farm roads. 

He is seriously cramping my potential fun. 

In the meantime, I've swapped out the old plastic keychain for a cute Route 66 leather fob. 

That's right, it's all about the accessories.

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