6: Little Percolator Fuel Pump

The fuel pump/gas tank issue is a bit more involved. With all the rust we found in the glass dome of the fuel pump, it meant the gas tank itself is rusty. 

I was educated on why this possibly happened. Abbey was well cared for and her engine was started periodically to make sure it would crank over. But if you really don't drive it--and more importantly--keep a full tank of gas in the tank, condensation can occur...especially if we're talking 19 years of sitting around.

So in addition to rust, there is probably a considerable amount of water mixed in with the gas. Not cool.

Easy to take off, a pain in the @!*# to get back on.
Photo shows it all clean and shiny. Isn't it cute?  Does it make coffee?

On the Fuel Pump:

TD removed and completely cleaned it. 
It's adorable.

The little glass dome with the bubbly gas circulating around in it reminds me of my coffee percolator (yes I still use an actual  coffee percolator).

Meanwhile, we debated the idea of keeping the old gas tank and having it sandblasted (inside) and coated - or - just buying a new one.  The problem is we could actually go through a whole host of “Old Car Domino Effects” by keeping the old tank and running into issues only to end up at the same decision…which is to buy a new one, so we bit the bullet and ordered a shiny new gas tank. 

Currently we have to get rid of the fuel in order to remove the old rusty tank. We can't use it as it would be (a) rusty, and (b) watered down. 

I asked TD when all of this fix-this-fix-that stuff would be over and we could get Abbey back out on the road.

His snicker turned into a full blown laugh. 

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