11: Make it Right!

Heave Ho, out you go!
Update on the gas tank issue – we purchased a new tank (along with many other things), and TD is currently disconnecting the straps that lock the tank into the cab so he can remove it for good. So long rusty tank!


To get the dregs of gasoline out (using a very curly siphon hose), he duct-taped a stick to the hose in order to make it rigid. This made it easy to stick it straight down into the tank and suck up the crud from the very bottom. (Genius!) 

All rusty-watery-gasoline is then given to a friend who uses it around his farm. 

(I don't care what he says, this actually looks like a cooking utensil to me)

The hole at the top of the tank is where the fuel sender unit and float are located, and as TD pulled the old unit out, he out discovered that—HELLO—no float on the device! 

Well, THERE’S your problem with the gas gauge always showing a full tank! No float, no correct reading in the tank. The photo above shows what the unit looks like ...and I still say it looks like a vintage egg scrambler.   

I noted that there were little strips of flannel carefully placed under the tank straps. Put there long ago by someone wanting to reduce sound and/or friction. 

With the seats out and the tank gone, TD noted that various rubber bumpers were missing around the cab and ordered them. These go between odd spots in and around the seat and gas tank so things don’t rub on each other. Some people might skip these little steps, but I am not married to one of those people.  

Right now with the seats out, he is insistent on getting the seat track smooth. Oh the seat track moves back and forth, but not smoothly. 
Or as TD says, “Smooooooooooooooothly.” 

He wants to “Make it Right.”
I live with the Mike Holmes of the automotive world.

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