19: More Fixes?

Once the need-to-do issues with the gas tank, fuel pump, parking brake, heat riser valve (did I miss something?) finished up, and before we started anything else, we began to notice little things.

This is a problem EVERY SINGLE vintage car owner has.  

You start asking questions like:

Why are there no screws in that section of the blah-blah-blah?

The knobs for the this-and-that are missing.

OoOooo did you see this? (Insert any automotive word for the ones in bold)

The point is, everyone will decide where their own stopping place is. 
For us, we haven't reached it yet. 

Knobs, rubber bumpers, grommets, pedals, hoses, gaskets, lenses, brackets, screws etc. ...are just the trimming for this wonderful truck. We knew from the beginning that some of the major things already tackled would need to be completed and tossed in the extra do-dahs along the way. 

While we don't have immediate plans for any other major item (wiring excluded, and maybe an interior job, or possibly the differential, okay maybe we do have some big plans) ...never say never.

Today's conversation with TD went something like this:

He was reading Illinois Auto R & V (the free magazine that I always ignore located at exit in the local grocery store).

TD:   Hey!

me:  What?

TD:   We can get a Corvette engine pretty cheap.

me:   Why would we want a Corvette engine?

TD:   To stick in the '49!

me:   That would be freaking AWESOME!!

*Evil laughs from both of us*

... okay here's the deal. Under normal conditions I'd question the soundness of a comment like that, but I'm afraid car-fever has caught hold of me.

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