14: Plates!


Okay not those kind of plates... LICENSE plates...and receiving them in the mail was as exciting as seeing a Publisher's Clearing House man deliver a gigantic check to your door. 

It's taken the entire 7 week waiting period for former Illinois Governor now Illinois state inmate # 40892-424 Rod Blagojevich to make my Route 66 personalized plates.

Thanks Rod! We love them!

The Route 66 ones were a much better alternative than these:

Hey, I live in this state, I'm allowed to say these things

It was thrilling to get them and put them on, right up to the point where we found no place to mount the front plate using the newly purchased front license plate bracket.

Many trucks of this era opt to have a gap-filler body piece (called a splash shield) behind the front fender where a license plate bracket is mounted. Since Abbey was a working truck and didn't come with this filler piece, we opted not to purchase that filler piece and went with a different solution.

Being the engineering person he is, TD turned to his basement workshop to make loud noises and manufactured a bracket... that holds the bracket... that holds the license plate. 

I married a genius.

This would be the first time Abbey has ever had bling on her front bumper.

You GO Girl! 

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