24: Split Rims

Abbey's mouth (hood) has been gaping open for a while like someone getting a root canal at the dentist. TD has been reviewing and pondering, and reviewing again. He took a brief break to visit Bloomington Gold this year and got recharged automotively speaking. Trips like that help with the thought process.

Meanwhile discussions continue on what to do next. I mentioned the gaskets and hoses yet to be done, and he calmly said they weren't high priority on the SAFETY LIST.

He wants the truck to take me anywhere without fear of a major disaster.
I want it to take me anywhere without me being terrified there is going to be a major disaster.
We are simpatico.

Changing the differential discussions came back into play, along with dropping in a different motor, and continuing on to new wheels. 

I nodded.

Then realized he had never discussed wheels before so asked, "What's wrong with the wheels?"

He said they are called Split Rims. 
So what's the big deal?
Seems they are ALSO called widow-makers.
(This is where I get the Ricky Ricardo wide-eyed stare) 
Head's Up! 
TD explained what can happen should you have a blow out with a split rim wheel.

Trust me when I say blowing a tire with a split rim wheel = bad. 

In fairness, you could take the truck out for years without this happening
...if ever.

Evidently having a blow out is not the problem; having the tires serviced is.

Online vintage truck discussion threads (which have become my favorite pastime) provide no reassurance. They also state another bigger issue which is finding a tire company to touch them for tire changes, rotation etc.

They are dangerous to handle if the right equipment isn't handy - or if someone doesn't know what they are doing. Plus, the word decapitation was used several times. Pretty sure Sears automotive frowns on those. (Decapitations, not tire service.) 

The truck's previous owners made a generalized comment about this very thing (Finding a mechanic, not decapitations.) They said they had a really difficult time locating a tire company to handle the new set of tires and as soon as they mentioned "split rims" they'd declined the job. 

So now we are kinda/sorta looking for compatible wheels as a replacement. 

TD says once he does the wheels, probable differential, possible motor, and brakes - wait...brakes too? 
Apparently yes. He says if you're doing all the other things, brakes would be on the to-do list. I'm fond of TD's head so I vote for priority on the new wheels.

So the true discussion now is: How much of this does TD want to tackle? 
Jury is still out. 
But we did get the name of a good hot-rod/mechanic guy here in town. 

We will see. 


  1. My favorite line: Abbey's mouth (hood) has been gaping open for a while like someone getting a root canal at the dentist.

  2. Typical position for a vintage vehicle.