22: Wheel Covers

TD: Hey

me: What

TD: C’mere I want to show you something.

me: K

TD: Look at this

me: *mouth agape* OMG!

TD: I know! We’ve been so busy doing things under the hood and in the cab we never noticed.


"Shoes" meaning wheel covers.
Also, they are very dirty...try to ignore that.

Actually they are vintage 1960’s wheel covers and not correct for a 1949
…so out they go.

TD said they were ugly anyway and never liked them.

Besides, everyone knows you can't wear white shoes when its not appropriate...never mind mismatched ones.

We never noticed this until now because there were two matching ones on the left side of the truck, and the other two on the right side of the truck. Whatever side you were standing on looked normal. Your mind sees and remembers similar, but misses the obvious.

Very clever actually.

We're currently looking at Baby Moon hubcaps (emphasis on *looking*) as the new choice.

You could use these to apply lipstick, they are just like mirrors.
(I'll bet all truck owners say this)
I keep finding these beauties for sale online and TD keeps saying:
"Christmas is coming." He is so amusing...
If we got these, then we'd need to do something with the flakey green painted wheels we currently have, because you can't put something like a sweet Baby Moon on flaking paint!

And if we DO paint and pretty-up the wheels, then maybe we're back to talking about the differential again.

Always the differential discussion.

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