28: Men and Wheels

Differentials and wheels - and - wheels and differentials.
It's a head spinning merry-go-round discussion.
No, a decision has not yet been made.

One thing I do want to mention (as long as we are on the subject) is the disproportionate passion men have to wheels compared to the other areas on a vehicle.

I equate it to a woman's passion about shoes, except that men only get 4 wheels and women get...okay, never mind how many shoes we get.

Understandably this is a generalized and stereotypical statement, but it has merit. We've all heard men joke about a woman's arsenal of black shoes. Comedians often use it for fodder. Jokes have been made for decades about women's shoes and the fact that men don't understand or see the differences from one pair of black shoes to the next.


"Honey, do you like these?" dangling little black sling-backs in front of him, "Or these?" now showing him the black open toe pumps. "How about these?" featuring closed toe wedges.

I don't even need to insert an image of a man with a blank stare here to emphasize this visual.

Newsflash: Men...women feel exactly this way about wheels.
(Chip Foose, I am so very, very sorry.)

TD can pour over pages of wheels in a catalogue and OoooOOOoooo and Ahhhh over all of them. I've watched this happen and am still befuddled by it. I look at the images and my eyes start to bleed after the fifth page. I just see round metal wheels. They all look the same to me. They're round, they are metal, and they go on the vehicle so the tire has something to grab. I can't for the life of me get in to the subtle differences.


TD: Look at these four wheels.

me: (nodding and staring at them) Umm, hmm.

TD: Which ones do you like best?

me: Wait...they were different?

Black Shoes = Wheels

I've mentally pictured an outfit for each of the items on the left.
I wonder if guys picture different trucks for each of the things on the right.
These are questions that keep me up at night.

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