27: Painting the Cab Floor

Abbey's cab floor was painted.
Backtracking… the cab is already in great shape. It could use a new interior paint job, but right now, it’s fine and we will leave it as-is. The flooring is sound and has very minimal rust (all sandworthy) under the floor mat. All of that is completely normal for a truck that was well cared for by all owners. For trucks NOT well cared for, the rust could be a huge issue. My sincere condolences. 
To give the truck a quick make-over with POR15 paint, except...POR15 is about $45 a quart, so we went with the Rustoleum equivalent (and substantially less expensive) substitute for interior jobs like this. Just as an FYI: Sears was the only place we could find POR15 in our area, but Rustoleum paint quarts can be found in any paint section of a DIY store.
TD started this project before I could turn around. The paint goes on quick and easy and with the milder summer weather we are currently experiencing it made for a pleasant afternoon.

Too bad none of this will be seen when the mat goes back in.

BTW: That round hole in the floor has a plug.
It's still unsettling to see openness and earth underneath little plugs and battery box lids.
The smooth glossy surface that goes on when wet is exactly how it looks when dry. What a difference it makes inside the cab. Of course all this shine will be covered with the floor mat.
TD noted that the underside of the seat bench (open springs area) still scatters fine rusty particles on the cab floor after a drive. For those who missed it, I noted in the Have a Seat post that it was like having a '49 Chevy Rust-Fairy riding in the cab. To stop these free particles from cascading down on the cab floor we *could* strip the material off the seat benches, paint the springs and then reupholster, but if you look at the photos in Have a Seat, you'll see there is absolutely no need to do that. 
The job was quick and easy (according to TD who did it all) and dried very fast.
The whole thing was done in one quick afternoon.

That is all except the battery box lid which we took off and set aside...and then forgot about.

Dont do that.

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