35: New Acquisition: Engine Hoist!

Local household auctions are great for finding things you need while working on a vintage vehicle. 

If you don’t believe me, take a look at THIS baby.

This is a 2 ton engine hoist.

Purchased new they can run a couple hundred bucks, but at the recent auction TD snagged it for $75. I think he smiles every time he walks by it. $75 by the way, is what you would pay to rent it for one day here in town. Renting would also include driving out to get it, loading it in your car, unloading it and setting it up and the return back to the store. Now you understand why he smiles when he walks past it in our garage.

If you've been following this engine discussion saga you "get" why an engine hoist would be needed for Abbey. This new hoist just puts us one step closer to making a definite decision.

Actually, TD doesn't really need an excuse for new tool purchases, or going to household auctions for that matter. I generally refrain from attending those things but this time he got a hoist and a tossed in a vintage Halloween decoration for me so...win-win.

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