37: New Acquisition - Engine Stand!

Nearly one month to the day that TD found "our" engine hoist, he found and purchased a new engine stand. Again, finding one at a local estate sale for only $25 (retail for around $100) it was THE find of the day.

Even I am getting excited about these things.

Engine Stand. *Ta Da*

Combine the two new acquisitions together and you can see where this is all heading.

me: "So we are definitely yanking the engine then?"

TD: "Probably."

me: *nodding as if I understand everything that is going on*

me: "So... are we doing something to our engine or getting a replacement?"

TD: "Probably."

As fall is upon us and the snow and cold right around the corner – and seeing that our garage is not heated - Abbey will soon be covered up and we (TD) will be contemplating and planning her transformation (engine wise) during the cold months.

Just like all vintage beauties, Abbey will hibernate well in the garage under wraps.

Spring is fun in the Midwest farm country not only for what the ground offers in terms of new growth, but also for spotting the first vintage vehicle out on the road. These wonderful vintage beauties are the exotic birds of our area. They appear when it is warm and leave when it gets cold.

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