39: I Love You in Pieces

TD surprised me and bought a 1952 Chevy 3100 truck front axle assembly. It has 6-lug wheel hubs. This means we use it on Abbey and have more options for things like wheels and disc brakes.
Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine 
getting excited over this.

He also bought the rear axle assembly of the same vehicle because it gives us better wheel options for the back end. It also allows us to change the differential ratio. This allows us to go faster or slower at less engine revolution. 

(Truly, I only partially get this lingo but just nod and smile when he explains).

Note: "Merry Christmas" was also mentioned. I just thank the stars that those car pieces are too big to actually fit under the tree.

Basically speaking...we will be able to go over 35mph when all is done.

The parts are sheltered in the (sadly) non-heated garage and tucked under and around Abbey during her winter hibernation. 

Waiting for warmer weather
The truck will still look the same but drive like a normal one instead of a shake-rattle-and-roll very slow heavy-duty farm vehicle.

Remember her wheels issue? These new changes allow us to get wheels and wheel covers that we like and not worry about being killed by our current "widow maker" ones... 

...because death-by-tire was never really a great mental image or personal preference.

We will be able to drive her longer distances than right around town and even take her on the highway and visit places farther away.

*gasp* … at this point I can’t even imagine what that would be like.

There is something to be said about keeping a vehicle stock with the matching numbers engine, transmission, wheels and whatever else makes a thing stock…but there is ALSO something to be said for having a vehicle that you can rely on and use as a daily driver without ruining what it looks like. This is what we want for Abbey.

Even with these new changes and expenses, what we bought her for and what we may someday sell her for would still give us money in our pocket.

Let the record state that I have NO plans to sell.

There is fun in this old gal (I’m talking about Abbey here) and THIS old gal (meaning me) wants to have fun with her. 

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