42: Exiting Hibernation

With the warmer temperatures lately (and by warmer temps I mean ones that are over 25 degrees Fahrenheit) TD decided to peel back the cover on Abbey's frontal region and look under the hood.

The purpose of this was to see if the manifold bolts were frozen.

"Why" you ask? ...me too.
(Okay actually I asked what a manifold was first)

After a brief pause to explain to me (yet again) how a 4-cycle engine works, TD said the bolts could in fact be loosened and was very pleased as he could now pull the head off and inspect the the valves.

In essence all that work was actually getting him TO the valves.

Let me explain:

You know when you open your big storage closet and want to get at a specific box you labeled "IMPORTANT" but now realize you loaded it first so it's way in the back and you can't reach it because it's barricaded first behind the suitcases and Christmas decorations, followed by other things and boxes you want to store so you have to pull everything out of the closet just to get at it?

Like that.

TD performed the automotive equivalent.

First he took off various small pieces - I'd give you details but have no clue because I missed that part. Then he unbolted and removed the manifold, drained the radiator and removed the valve cover, which led to the removal of the valve train mechanism and push rod cover, so he could take the head bolts off and remove the head (which required an engine lift because of the angle and height of the truck sides) ...because Abbey needs a valve job.


That thing TD has his hand on is the horn.
(I pride myself on the fact I knew that) 

These items were then taken to an engine shop for degreasing because TD has done that job in the past and was happy to farm it out for $50 and get everything back nice and clean. FYI: Degreasing parts is also known as Hot Tank. 
(Example: "I want to hot tank the parts") Seriously, this is a foreign language.

With Abbey's hood gaping open and engine parts missing I felt it necessary to ask my inevitable and oft repeated $60,000 question which is:

"Will all of this allow me to drive Abbey over 35mph?"

TD laughed and said, "You aren't going anywhere for a while."

....note he didn't answer my question.

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  1. Anonymous3/28/2014

    Hot tanking. Well there, I learned something!