41: Police Light

Weekend conversations while reading the classifieds in the newspaper...

TD: Hey! There's a guy selling a police light.

me: You mean like a red and blue flashing bar?

TD: No, an old fashioned side crank-out spotlight. It's pretty cheap.

me: *ignoring him now*

TD: Might be fun to have.

me: *still silent*

TD: We could put it on Abbey.

At this point he is staring directly at me and completely serious so after considering it for a mere second, I'm on board. 

Abbey will look good with this type of bling and I cannot even fathom how much fun it will be to have one. (Seriously no clue).

A few hours later it was ours and I have to admit, it's kinda cool.
Once we take her out of winter hibernation we can put it on. 

Winter has not been kind and the garage colder than usual. Cold garages mean no work on Abbey. Hibernation was necessary for vintage vehicles and practically the humans this season. Now that warmer temperatures are creeping back, the itch is there to commence being the garage mechanic..or in my case the garage mechanics naive side-kick. 

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