46: Engine Rebuild

Finding Abbey and bringing her home was where I experienced my first automotive learning curve. After the monetary exchange and pleasantries, it was time to arrange the transport so my conversation with TD went like this: 

Me:   "Wait, we aren't just going to drive her home now?" 
TD:   "Hahahahaahaaahaa.  No." 

I cannot stress enough that if you do NOT possess in your human auditory senses an ability to hear strange pings and knocks, find someone who does. As I've mentioned before, TD has this ability while I drive on happily hearing nothing. Those little sounds will be your life ring when it comes to diagnosis and repair. 

Also, unless you buy a completely overhauled vehicle, be prepared to tear in to your new acquisition at some point for some reconnaissance work. You are the automotive doctor and your vehicle the patient. All it can do is make sounds and it is up to you to figure it out.  

If all of that sounds fun to you, then you’re on the right track when making your vintage vehicle purchase.

Currently, TD has diagnosed much of Abbey's ailments and is curing her of all ills. Because of the knock he heard last fall, and because of the subsequent missions to find out what the noise was, he provided me with a list of "to-do" items yesterday. 

Much thought, pondering and research occurred as we weighed our time/money/wants accordingly. 

So this week we begin this: 

The Project Triangle
Pull off the hood
Pull off the front end 
Pull out the transmission
Pull engine
Put engine on engine stand
Disassemble engine
Hot tank engine and inspect
Re-build engine
Paint engine
Install valve guides in head
Get new rocker arm shafts
Assemble head
Locate and purchase BW T5 transmission*
Adapt transmission to engine
Install new clutch
Install engine
Install front end sheet metal and install hood
Replace brake shoes on all 4 wheels
Replace steel brake lines
Buy 8 lug wheels and tires (16x6) (235/85 R16)
Get drive shaft modified and balanced

*BW T5 Transmission = awesome


Me:   "Wait, we aren't just going to drive her home now?" 
TD:   "Hahahahaahaaahaa.  No." 

Now makes even ME laugh. 

Education. It's a beautiful thing. 

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