43: Removing the Valve Train (and Other Things)

In a sequence of photos, I will explain what has recently transpired.  

…all of that stuff I said in the prior post. (Please don’t make me repeat it)

Removing the Manifold

Removing the Valve Train

Valve Train Removed from Head

The head was lifted out of the engine compartment using that 2-ton engine hoist TD bought at a local house auction I mentioned back in November. It was a cool $75 and worth every penny.

Lifting the Head
TD cleaned the head some more using a wire brush and a hand drill to get all of the carbon deposits and gasket cement off the surfaces and combustion chamber. (Do this outside)

Engine Head Being Cleaned 

 Meanwhile TD inspected the push rods and took inventory of anything awry. 

All of this (and more) is required to do a SIMPLE valve job. I don't understand it all but am happy to just have more words added to my growing automotive vocabulary.


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