50: 216 / 235 / 261 Engines: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Recently, things got pretty interesting. It's been a roller-coaster ride. 

We made the decision to pull the old 216 straight-6 engine and set it aside. 

The Good:
Next we found and purchased a 235 straight-6 out of state. It had already been rebuilt, so we made the plans and GREAT effort to get it shipped out to us. Exciting!

Receiving the Crated Engine

The Bad:
It had not been rebuilt, and people are dishonest. 
(TD had a beer and I had a White Russian)

The Ugly:
...and, though the guy thought he had a 235 it was not
(Then we opened the wine)

More of The Good:
The engine was a 261!  

Let's Recap: 
Abbey's old engine was a 216
Abbey's new engine was supposed to be a 235
Abbey's ACTUAL new engine is a 261 

What are all these numbers and what do they mean you ask, and why was there any confusion in the first place? Ahhh, identifying the differences between engines is key and this little article from Stovebolt Tech Tips explains it all. Truly. Normally I'd take the time to explain the differences but Stovebolt did it best.  

Even More Good: 
The overall condition of the 261 was actually in much better shape than the old 216, and though a rebuild is definitely happening, it is still a lesser task than getting Abbey's old engine up to speed. (Pun intended) 

So long story short, we thought we were getting a 235 but got a 261 =  Great
We thought it was rebuilt but it wasn't = Bad
It will be overhauled and painted = Great!

Side Note: 
Not all people will take you in, just do your best when purchasing. In case you wonder, we did get photos, and we did have conversations prior to purchasing. I won't say the "spidey sense" didn't tingle once or twice, but overall, we put our trust out there and this time it went sour. Bad things happen, move on. Just don't be afraid to take a leap once in a while. 

Also: As always I have to reiterate, Abbey will still retain her vintage good looks, but her engine will be more suited to our current driving needs. (She's not pulling stumps any more!)

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