47: Abbey's Engine Updates

With the '49 engine yanked out and on the stand, TD has been busy with disassembly. He found rocks in places there should be no rocks, and gunk in places you'd expect for a car that will soon celebrate it's 65th birthday. The Assessment? The valve guides are worn, there are bent push rods, the rocker arms are worn out, as are the rings, the cylinders need to be bored, the crank needs to be ground... and this is where TD stopped and we deliberated. 

Meanwhile for the new transmission:

First we drove out to St. Louis to pick up one from an S10 truck that would work, only to find out it was labeled wrong by the company selling it and it would definitely NOT work so we left empty handed. 

(It's best to consider these disappointing road trips as sightseeing outings.)

Then it was off to Indianapolis where a correct transmission waited for us.

Back home TD again took stock of Abbey's engine condition and how much everything was going to cost once completed and weighed that against how we want her to drive...so he got on Ad Hunt'r (again) and found a completely rebuilt (and even painted) '62 Chevy 235 engine. Though it is located in Idaho, it will still be cheaper (even with shipping costs) than rebuilding the current one -- and -- it's all d-o-n-e, not to mention more reliable. 

FYI: You can just Google "Search all of Craigslist" and get the link to search ALL territories/states for Craigslist - or - you can use Ad Hunt'r and it will pull in not only Craigslist, but Backpage, Kijiji, eBay Classifieds, Gumtree, and Oodle in one spot. Neat!

It has been a busy automotive period.

We're pretty stinkin' excited about this new engine. The owner had yanked it from a  family owned vintage truck and had it rebuilt by an engine company. The idea was to stick it back in but the family decided to beef up the power on their old ride (no big surprise) to a V8 in instead. The rebuilt beauty needed to be sold and was even still on the skid - literally waiting for us to pick it up. 

TD found a great company to pick up and crate the engine and have it shipped to us. (No road trip to Idaho.) 

Take a look at their website and give them a call to help YOU! 
From custom packing, custom crating, vacuum sealing, to you name it...

"From priceless artwork to grandpa’s favorite chair, CW Products can crate your personal or business items, coordinate with interstate or international shippers and ensure your items show up at their destination working and in one piece."
CW Products
(They're good people!)

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  1. Too bad you aren't going to Idaho... THAT would be a gorgeous sight-seeing trip!! =]