49: Wiring Harness and Dashboard

Abbey came to us with a new wiring harness in a box. Now that the engine is out and TD is painting the engine compartment he also decided it is a good time to set that wiring harness into play. The harness looks confusing, and the mass of spliced wires inside the truck cab looks even harder to decipher, but with the proper reference guides it is not all that difficult. 

Note: TD found some of the old wiring in the engine area spliced and held together with duct tape. Don't do that.

Spaghetti Junction
With the dash off, it is also a good time to replace those old heater hoses because....

...I don't think they provided much heat. 

Turn signals will work again, as will parking lights, tail lights, headlamps and all things dashboard related. Yay!

This may also be a good time to clean up the dash and possibly repaint it. *gasp* The dash paint is worn through in a few spots and the fronts of the glove box, center speaker grille and ashtray cover look very tired. Some of what you see below is dust, some is wear, and some is plain old oxidation. 

Dash Before

Dash During...
Repainting is scary. Where to start, where to stop, how much do you want to do, how much will you HAVE to do. Honestly, if we were not doing all the wiring and hadn't taken the dash apart we'd probably leave it as-is and just give it a good compound rub and and live with the worn areas, but staring at gaping holes and knowing this is the perfect time to attack such a thing makes beginning the task much easier. 


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