52: Wayne 70 Gas Pump

As if Abbey is not enough, TD added a new item to his garage workshop and found this beauty at a local auction:

Not impressive, and definitely not beautiful

This is a vintage 1940s era Wayne 70 Gas pump, but I wasn't impressed with it. 

At all. 
Not even a little bit. 

Not to be discouraged, TD explained how beautiful it could be. 

Still not impressed
So I went online and saw this:

Another Wayne 70

That was refurbished to become this:

Okay this is impressive

Whoa. That's a good looking pump!

Here's the deal, you can make these into whatever brand you like! Parts are readily available, and there are tons of gas pump junkies out there to assist if you hit a snag in the rebuild. Who knew?

So now I'm a believer and enjoy watching TD take apart and begin the task of our his vintage Wayne 70 makeover. 

Abbey will look good parked next to it. 

I'm always thinking in terms of Abbey photo ops, but TD thinks of it in terms of the BEST MAN CAVE ADDITION EVER!