33: Conversation Circles

Lunchtime Conversations Circle Around These Topics:

(Emphasis on the word circle)

Purchasing a Differential


Purchasing a Chassis


Purchasing a Chevy S10 Pickup (cheap) Donor Parts Truck and

Purchasing a Conversion Kit to Go With It


Garage Takeover of Truck Parts and Mess


Time and Effort


Purchasing a Front Suspension Assembly Clip


Just trying to find:

8 Lug, 6 ½ ” Bolt Circle, 4 5/8” Center Hole - Wheels


Leaving it As-Is
It’s all intertwined and messy.

We want the truck to drive smoothly.
We'd appreciate the gear box/shifter to be more accurate and smooth.

We wouldn’t mind the truck going over 35 mph without fear of a major disaster.

We look at the trucks at car shows and throw our heads under the them to see what they've done. Then throw our heads in the engine compartment to see what they've done. Then we go home and ponder what we want to do with Abbey. Do we make her a smooth ride? Do we change out the differential, or chassis, or both - or do we go the donor-S10 route, and do we then drop in a new engine? Do we just rebuild the old one? How original do we want to keep her? She'd still look the same, just drive nice and be a safer truck. Don't we want this as a daily drive?

The front suspension assembly clip route gets welded on, and would provide us better steering, better ride, plus the wheels we want. We’d farm that out and not do it ourselves. The other choices mean a lot of work done by us (okay, TD), and a garage takeover. Kinda been there, done that.

Maybe we just do these things in increments with the wheels first, and see how the truck rides. Then rebuild the engine because no matter what you do to the suspension and wheels, TD hears a knock. For the record, I hear nothing …but my ears are not trained to such things.

Then if the engine gets rebuilt and we’re still not happy maybe we do a more aggressive operation.

We've circled and circled and circled these conversations until we feel like this:
What to do, what to do...

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